We Are Committed to Your Recovery

Our doctors are here for you. Same Day Appointments Available.


SPC physicians are not only trained in addiction, but are board certified neurologists. Addiction is a "brain" issue that your SPC doctor is uniquely qualified to understand. 


Confidentiality is one thing, being discreet is another.  While we provide the highest level of privacy; we take it a step beyond and provide the discretion that a professional would require.


Dependence goes far beyond the physiological explanations that can be reduced to a diagram in a textbook. SPC physicians are trained in both mind and body models in the treatment of addiction.

100 % Professional

All of our locations are are professional in appearance, and staffed with people of the highest quality. No need to worry about where you will need to go to get the treatment you need.

100% Discreet

SPC was created for professionals, so the level of discretion you need is built into the fabric of our mission. Sitting in the lobby of an "addiction center" or "pain clinic" is not private. Everyone in the lobby knows why you are there. While this may not be an issue for most, it is a serious issue for some - so much so that treatment may never be received. SPC is private at every step in the process of your recovery.

100% Outpatient


Same Day Appointments Available.


Individual locations available to SPC Clients