Why I chose SPC

“I am grateful for the privacy and the level of empathy I was shown.”
Due to my job, I could never have gone to a traditional outpatient
opiate treatment facility. SPC was right for me”.
“My doctor seemed to really ‘get it’.
She helped me through a very dark time in my life and eased my fears
about confidentiality. The SPC team went above and beyond to ensure that
my privacy was protected while I got treatment. I’m grateful that SPC
was able to help me overcome the stigma of opioid treatment”

– Daniel S.

More reasons to choose SPC...


SPC doctors confidentially integrate their buprenorphine patients right into their existing practices. No more waiting in lobbies full of people that know exactly why you are there. 


SPC doctors have appointment openings as late as 5:30 p.m. Never miss a day of work for treatment. We understand the unique scheduling needs of professionals.


SPC employs a combination of medication and therapy resulting in success rates of up to 80% when patients are compliant with their personalized treatment plans. Our patients see a tenfold improvement in their finances as well as incredible improvements in their relationships.

You're not alone.