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what we do

Southern Practice provides access to specialists in neurology, both in office and through telemedicine. The SPC  model is specifically designed for convenient and quick access to services. We are guided by our commitment to decrease your wait time to access a specialist in neurology. 

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what we do

KARTA HEALTH provides office based opiate treatment (OBOT) for those with a problematic pattern of opioid use resulting in significant impairment or distress.  This is what doctors call “opiate use disorder” or OUD.  OUD is a medical condition that requires urgent medical treatment. The Karta Health model provides this treatment in a confidential and safe environment.  We do not offer “addiction clinics”.  The Karta model is specifically customized to allow for convenience and privacy. We are guided by our commitment to provide care that respects your dignity and time.  

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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication assisted treatment (or MAT), is a technique used by doctors across the nation to decrease the rate of relapse in patients with opioid use disorder. MAT consists of prescribed medication, behavioral therapy and counseling. The purpose of medication is to block the euphoric and sedating effects of opioids, reduce cravings and decrease symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Psychosocial interventions address the psychosocial contributors to OUD and may help improve retention in care. The MAT approach focuses on long-term recovery, which decreases the chance of relapse. Without treatment, relapse rates are at a staggering 90% or greater.  MAT significantly reduces the risk of relapse and overdose and thereby increases the odds of lasting sobriety.  

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Medically Assisted Opiate Treatment

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